• Register for our May 31 Ask Us Anything webinar, which discusses the digital skill divide and how the Digital Equity Act provides a unique opportunity for states to invest in digital skill building.  
  • new-study-features-unique-view-on-labor-study-hero
    A Federal Reserve study looks at how workers in lower-wage roles navigated the labor market throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and after.
  • side view of apartments
    Our tool tracking rental affordability and availability in the Southeast has been updated with new census data.
  • townhomes in a neighborhood and subdivision
    Rents increased significantly across the nation in 2021 and '22, outpacing HUD's Fair Market Rent estimates. This Partners Update analyzes the effects of updated methodology on a key resource for understanding the cost of rental housing.
  • This Partners Update explains how employers can leverage the CLIFF Dashboard Employer Edition to improve workers' financial well-being and boost their ability to recruit talent.
  • Closing the Digital Skill Divide: the Payoff for Workers, Business, and the Economy
    Join the Atlanta Fed and the National Skills Coalition for a free virtual event on the digital skills divide.

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