• The Federal Open Market Committee said it will raise the target range for the federal funds rate to 3 to 3-1/4 percent.
  • 2 chefs next to vats one with chocolate the other with money bills
    Read Take On Payments to learn what a chocolate factory and FedCash Services have in common, and how the Fed is modernizing its cash supply chain.
  • person signing check in foreground with thief-life person holding check in background.
    Check usage may be dropping but check fraud losses are rising. Read Take On Payments for a look at why criminals target the old-fashioned paper check.
  • cashier receiving credit card and giant gold coin--one -on each side
    Read Take On Payments to learn how access to payment methods is a factor in the cost of making payments.
  • disproportionately large-scale check held down on one corner by burglar-esque person with other person lifting up other end magnifying check dollar amount
    Read Take On Payments for a helpful review of two types of financial scams: fake cashier's checks and false claims of high-yield investment opportunities.
  • The minutes of last month's Federal Open Market Committee meeting have been released.
  • Community and Economic Development staff spoke with southeastern affordable rental housing stakeholders to understand local and state implementation of Emergency Rental Assistance programs, says Partners Update.
  • This Partners Update article discusses three state pilot evaluations of one of the Atlanta Fed’s Career Ladder Identifier and Financial Forecaster tools, the CLIFF Dashboard.
  • This Partners Update examines disproportionate financial barriers for small businesses recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • This Partners Update article summarizes a recent paper that explores partnerships with CDFIs in the workforce development system.
  • Read Partners Update for a discussion of two webinars in the Atlanta Fed Inclusive and Resilient Recovery series that focused on the financial health of households in the Southeast.
  • This discussion paper describes case studies where community development finance institutions have partnered with organizations providing workforce training.

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