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Miami Branch of the Sixth Federal Reserve District

9100 N.W. 36th Street
Miami, Florida 33178

Miami Branch Research Team
Marycela Diaz-Unzalu, Director
Email: Marycela.Diaz-Unzalu@atl.frb.org

Marianela Bonet, Business Coordinator II
Email: Marianela.Bonet@atl.frb.org

Tour Program
Gloria Guzman

Atlanta Fed Goes to the Grassroots: PortMiami as Economic Engine

Watch PortMiami's deputy port director discuss international trade and how he helps the Atlanta Fed stay plugged in to day-to-day commerce, or read the transcript.

Engage with us

Vice President & Regional Executive

Shari Bower
Vice President & Regional Executive

"Connecting to the community and leveraging diverse perspectives from our local business and civic leaders are critical inputs into the monetary policy process and help advance the economic well-being of the regions that we serve." See Shari's bio here

Request Shari as a Speaker