How Risky? The Elements of Managing Retail Payments Risk

In this new podcast from the Payments Spotlight series, Atlanta Fed senior bank examiner Tony DaSilva shares recommendations for banks implementing retail payments risk management programs. A former banker, DaSilva can offer two perspectives: that of the supervisor and that of the supervised institution.

The Future of Mobile Payments

Mobile payments have really taken off in Asian and African countries, but the United States has been slow to adopt this channel. An industry expert talks about why he thinks the United States will continue to lag, in a new Payments Spotlight podcast.

Beyond the Password: New Developments in Cyberspace Security

Remember this? One dog says to another, "The great thing about the Internet is no one knows you're a dog." Online dog attacks are unlikely, but other online attacks threaten your personal information. The latest Payment Spotlights podcast features online security.

Data Breaches and Risk Management in Emerging Payments

Companies gather a great deal of personal data about people, information that can be vulnerable to theft. Will Roberds, research economist and senior policy adviser at the Atlanta Fed, discusses data breaches and risk management in emerging payments and the concomitant risk of identity theft.

Mobile Payments Security

Mobile banking and payments is still an emerging industry, so the industry has yet to adopt common security standards. Soren Bested, managing director of Monitise Americas, discusses the need for such standards and stresses the importance of collaboration in developing them.

Corporate Account Takeover: A Bank's Perspective

Tina Giorgio, senior vice president of operations at Sandy Spring Bank in Maryland and board member of NACHA and the Mid-Atlantic Automated Clearinghouse, discusses safeguards and sound business practices that institutions can implement to safeguard against cyberattacks.

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