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Financial Tips from the Atlanta Fed: Focus on Financial Literacy

April 3, 2023

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This Financial Literacy Month, acquire the financial knowledge most important to you with these resources. Covering a wide range of topics, these websites can help you find information on topics as varied as credit and debt, home and auto loans, paying for college, and avoiding identity theft.

  • is your portal to hundreds of free, online resources for improving your financial literacy, from infographics to videos, educational resources, and online courses.
  • The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau offers online education on topics ranging from auto loans and mortgages to credit, debt, and student loans.
  • The Federal Trade Commission's website offers guidance for consumers and businesses, and you can also learn more there about reporting fraud and scams. provides educational tools for managing money, credit, and debt as well as safeguarding your identity.
  • At, learn the basics of student loans, how to complete a form for determining eligibility for student aid, and what to do if you have trouble repaying your federal student loan.
  • The IRS's Interactive Tax Assistant can answer questions about all tax-related matters, whether they pertain to deductions and credits or how certain types of income, such as social security income and other retirement benefits, are taxed.