Federal Reserve Banks Launch the New Website "Fed Small Business"

photo of women and small business credit survey

In conjunction with National Small Business Week, the 12 Reserve Banks of the Federal Reserve System launched a new website: Fed Small Business. This site serves as a hub for the Reserve Banks’ small business research, analysis, and thought leadership.

Fed Small Business includes content from the annual Small Business Credit Survey (SBCS), a national survey of small business owners that provides insight into firms’ financing needs and experiences. The website brings together SBCS reports, along with their associated underlying data and questionnaires, in a single resource. It also maintains information on how community and business groups can partner with the SBCS to further understanding of the unique small business sector.

The site aims to inform efforts to help small firms by making small business insights from the 12 Reserve Banks easily accessible to policymakers, community leaders, and service providers. Going forward, Fed Small Business will be expanded to include additional SBCS work and a breadth of other small business research.

In addition, the Atlanta Fed maintains reports from surveys fielded between 2010 and 2015 here.